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Liminal: Between The Sea and Sky

I've recently begun exploring the relationship between glazing and painting. Using a range of glazes to create a finish inspired by aerial drone photography of the Western Australian coast line. I'm fascinated by the range of colours and textures that appear from the crisp white beaches, amazing rock formations and icy waters of the Albany, Esperance and Denmark to the peachy pinks of Exmouth and Shark Bay right through to the deep oranges, reds and teals of Broome.

To help capture the diverse range of colours and textures I am using a combination of matte and high gloss glazes. This was the first time using the matte glazes and I'm not 100% happy with the outcome of some, mostly in the streaky application. Now that I know how they apply and fire I will be able to adapt the colour combinations and application to improve this.

The glazing on the round vase below was influence by the mangroves in Broome. I discovered two things in the glazing of this piece. Firstly that the matte glazes do not blend well, and need to be placed in bands rather than overlapped. They also needed more coats.

Secondly, to get the 'pop' of the trees in the mangrove, I can't apply the gloss glazes over the matte. I need to leave a space in the glazes and apply the gloss glazes onto the bare clay.

Overall I'm excited about the glazing opportunities that this type of glazes presents, and can't wait to produce more work along these lines.

*note, drone photography and reference images have been found using the Pinterest and are not my photography. I have used multiple reference images to inform each glaze theme.


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