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I have always had a passion for texture and colour. When I began taking pottery classes in 2016 I soon realised that this casual hobby came with thousands of combinations of surface treatments, forms and firing techniques that resulted in endless textures and colours.  I quickly spiralled down the Pinterest rabbit hole of glazing and firing techniques.


I spent the next four years taking classes and courses. I varied the instructors to gain as many insights as I could into the ceramic process. I covered wheel work, sculpture, glaze testing and crystalline firing.  

In 2020 I enrolled in a TAFE Advanced Skill Set course in ceramics were I was introduced to advanced wheel work techniques, kiln firing and alternate firing (Raku), glaze manufacturing and testing. During this period I also began experimenting with different clay bodies and alternate firing methods including the pit firing and saggar firing techniques. I have fallen in love with the unpredictable nature of pit firing and the ethereal quality that the trapped smoke (carbon) and colorants provides.

I have recently created my own workshop, complete with glazing, kiln and pit firing facilities. I am looking forward to experimenting with alternative firing of sculptural works.

Awards & Nominations:

'The Pangolin' - Finalist - 2021 Stanthorpe Regional Art Prize

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