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Going Big

Learning to throw BIG can be daunting. During the TAFE advanced skill course I undertook in 2020 we learnt how to throw big objects using the coil and throw method. Our task was to throw two pieces, one over 600mm high, the other over 600mm wide. I chose to use a mixture of two clays in order to give me the thermal shock resistance and strength required to withstand the coil and throw process, but also the plasticity of throwing clays to avoid tearing.

The first piece I made was the 600mm high piece. The initial form was a standard vase, narrow base with a wide shoulder and a slight collar. I then removed sections of the side, altering the shape of the collar to give a more organic shape. I added ridges of clay to enhance the organic nature.

The piece was glazed in Solarium White with Seafoam green sponged into the crevices and fired to cone 9 in the gas kiln. The resulting form is flecked with iron and has pools of glassy green glaze.

The second form was a 640mm wide bowl. Designed to be small self contained lilly pond I purposefully left a flat base for the plant pot to sit, I gave the bowl depth in middle to allow for some small fish and flared rim.

The image below shows the finished form (top) waiting to be bisque fired. The two pieces below were other students work in the same project.

The bowl was fired in a mix of two blue studio glazes to give a slight variation. The resulting piece is a teal blue that breaks gold over the edges. It is now home to three little gold fish and a thriving water plant.

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