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'The Pangolin'

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Finalist in the 2021 Stanthorpe Regional Art Prize

This intriguing little creature may look like something from a fairy tale, however pangolins are thought to be the most trafficking mammal in the world, and until recently were relatively unheard of.

I began working on this prior to the Covid19 outbreak. I was drawn the detail in the keratin scales and shy curious nature of Pangolins. Shortly after completing the work, pangolins were thrown into the world spotlight when they were accused of being the origin of the pandemic. This suddenly very topical sculpture was submitted into the Stanthorpe Art Prize, a biannual event for Australian artists where it was selected as a Finalist in the sculpture category.

"The Pangolin" was sculpted in the beautiful Keanes Midfire Black clay. This clay was an absolute dream to sculpt in. The body was slab rolled with each scale hand moulded and placed. The piece was glazed in a turquoise glaze and rubbed back over the texture of the scales to expose the black clay beneath. It was finished with a light application of golden bronze pigment to the edges of scales.

I am proud to say 'The Pangolin' sold while on exhibition at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery.


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